January Favourites

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you have had a fabulous week this week, and can you believe we have made it too February!? We did it! January has most definitely felt like a life time but I am ready to see what February brings. One of the things that I wanted to start doing this year was a monthly round up of things that I have been enjoying.

Lizzie Florence sat with hot chocolate in Costa



I haven’t finished this book yet but I have been really enjoying reading it. ‘The Prison Doctor’ is a book written by Dr Amanda Brown and is her memoirs of her time working in different Uk Prisons. If you are someone who likes watching documentaries about prisons then this book is a perfect choice. I am hoping to get this one finished and read a different book this month!

(Buy Here)

The book 'The Prisn Doctor' propped up with navy cushions



I have been working hard this month on trying to make healthier choices when at work. Working so close to Newland Avenue (home to some of the best local sandwich shops) it can be really tempting to nip there. So I have been buying these fabulous Aldi soups and have half of one a day. They have lots of different flavours but this one is my absolute favourite and is a perfect winter warmer!

Aldi Vegetable Soup



This is my absolute all time favourite hat and I honestly try it with most outfits when I am getting ready in the morning. It was such a good purchase from H&M and it can dress up any outfit. Another great thing about it is that it is in actual hat sizes, so many hats from fashion stores are one size fits all and I can tell you now my big head does not fit all!

Lizzie Florence in Floral Dress with Black Fedora



This candle honestly smells divine, If I ever feel like I need something to make me feel better I love nothing better than going to TK Maxx and buying one of their candles. This one is a special crackle wick and when lit the scent fills the room.

Grey glass candle in front of house plant



Spraying?? does that sound weird? I couldn’t think of what else I could write (answers on a postcard) But anyway this was a wonderful gift from my Mum for Christmas. It’s Next’s Aura Perfume and it really smell amazing. It reminds me a lot of the Mugler Alien Scent.

(Buy Here)

Next Aura perfume on window sill with buddha statue and plant picture frame


So thats all my January favourites, I hope you have enjoyed this post and that your January has been a good month for you. Let me know what you’ve been loving this month!



Lizzie Florence x.o

5 Thoughts

  1. Is that Newland Avenue in Hull? If yes, then aaargh the good food. I miss that place.
    If not, then sorry – weird!

    That book looks really interesting, I might have to give it a go – does it have a lot of medical descriptions? Like procedures, injections, etc.?

    Sammy | Self-Care Sloth


      1. So good! There was a coffee shop I loooved there… Planet Coffee I think it was called? And The Last Word.
        Somewhere did an amazing breakfast too… damn, I need to come back up there! 🙂


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