Hair History

Hey Lovelies,

I hope you are well, I am excited today because I have got the local falconry group coming into school today to bring some owls in. It is a surprise for my class and I can’t wait to see their feces when I tell them. On a different note my ultrasound didn’t turn anything up yesterday so I am having to wait for another doctors appointment to see what the next steps are in finding what is wrong with me.

Anyway, so onto todays post… I once again had my hair cut by the fabulous Adele at Be Unique again. So inspired by this I found my old hard drive with all my old photos and thought we could have a throw back at some of the different hair styles I have rocked (questionably) over the years. The earliest one that I have found is from 2006 so we are going right back to the age of fourteen.

Warning that some are ridiculously embarrassing so please bare with me and enjoy the laughter.

*Stick around  till the end for some bonus mini Lizzie photos I found too. 



I think these are the most ill fitting jeans I have ever seen and damn that is a big flare. But this hair style was a frequent one for me with a side plait as it was something easy and manageable for me.

Polaroid PDC 4350


Dressing slightly better two years later but was still very much into the beaded necklaces apparently. This was a hairstyle that I very much liked because I could have my hair up but still styled with my mega fringe.

Lizzie Florence 2008 Hairstyle


I had grown my hair out longer and had it lightened with highlights. It would also seem that apparently I didn’t like my fringe anymore and would either clip it with ridiculously large flowers or flick it back. On another note, check me out wearing barely any make up! *this photo was part of a uni project.



This was when I started on the box dyes (other than school) and red was apparently the colour choice. I remember I hadn’t cut my hair for a really long time as well. I actually do really like this colour but it doesn’t stay this shade long enough.



The dreaded dip dye… not a bad hair style at all, but not when you have done it yourself and its ridiculously streaky never mind killing the ends of my hair. Why I ever thought this was a good idea I don’t know.



I graduated! And for a very short time I went ginger. This was done in a hairdressers and I liked the colour but with Michael being ginger as well it just looked a bit silly so I didn’t stay ginger for long.

2013 ging.jpg


My first proper introduction to the dark side and I loved it. It was around this time I started really getting to grips with my natural curly hair and I honestly much prefer my hair when it is dark.



I tried again with lighter hair, granted not done by myself and it did look nice but it always felt really dry and brittle. Who knows I may go back to this one day.

2016 (2).png

2017 onwards

Since then I have pretty much been dark right through till now, I have alternated between long and short hair but at the minute I am really enjoying having it in a short blunt bob.




And there we have it my hair history from the last 14ish years. I have had a few purples and pinks along the way but couldn’t find any photos of them strangely. Are there any hair cuts you loved or loathed ? let me know!


Lizzie Florence x.o

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