|AD| Perfect Date Ideas.

Hello Lovelies, I hope you are well.

I didn’t post last week as I had lots of work and house stuff going on, but not to worry I will be back on the blogging train now. I have just got back from a date night with Michael and thought I would share with you some of the date nights that Michael and I like to do. (this post contains a gifted dress)

Lizzie Florence Pink Clove Gifted


This is our typical date night as big fans of films this is something that we love to do. You can go all out and go for a posh meal and splurge on Cinema popcorn and drinks or if you are on a budget; sneak in some treats and go for a meerkat cinema pass. We will go and see any films really but obviously for some people rom-coms are more romantic

(I would disagree)



If you are going something a little more relaxed and where you can have a laugh and a chat at the same time; bowling is a great one for this. You can dress a bit more relaxed you can double date it if you wanted to. It a simple but fun date whether its a first date or you’ve been together ages.



If you have the same or similar taste in music, going to see a band is a fun and different night out. You can go for drinks either before, after or both! We have seen a few in the past but Biffy Clyro was one of our favourites!


Lizzie Florence Pink Clove GiftedLizzie Florence Pink Clove Gifted


Michael and I tend to do this most weekends to be fair but it is still a good date idea. Especially the coffee part (or for me hot chocolate and a bun) It can be nice to chat about things and maybe treat yourself or your partner to something they might see whilst out and about.



One that can be done just the two of you or with friends a pub quiz is a great way to spend some time together. Plus you never know if you win you might end up with some more drinks tokens or prizes and who doesn’t love that?



This is probably more of a spring / summer date however getting wrapped up and taking a long walk with a hot drink in your hand can be a great way to spend your date. Michael and I love to visit the many parks that we are lucky to have in Hull but particularly East Park is an absolute winner for us.



Can’t afford to go out, or don’t really want to? then stay in. Nip to the shops for food, snack and drinks. Get your PJs on duvet downstairs and snuggle up on the sofa for a super chilled night. Sometimes we don’t want to go out and that’s fine too!


Lizzie Florence Pink Clove Gifted


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What is your perfect idea for a date? Let me know!



Lizzie Florence x.o

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