The Importance of Accessories

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are well! I have had a pretty productive week this week and got lots of planning for my class done. I also bought some craft kits which I am looking forward to doing and I thought I might review them on here. Todays jobs is to get organised for this next week as I am in school for the whole week. Luckily I have got two fabulous teachers with me as well and we have planned some super things together.

Today I thought I would share some of my go to things that I always thing about when putting together an outfit. Accessories have always played a large part of how I style outfits. It is also why Michael complains that I have shoes and handbags lying around the house. (no shame)

Lizzie Florence Accessorises


I love the fact that you can completely change the style of an outfit just by changing the shoes, whether its a sandal for a nice day out, trainer for a casual look or glamming it up with a heel. I have been really loving pairing my midi skirts and dresses with converse at the moment. These converse I bought second hand from Depop and I just love the shade of navy.

Lizzie Florence Accessorises


Another great thing to change an outfit up is what bag you use! If I am going shopping or at work meetings I usually like a big one like this so that I can carry my canvas bags or laptop in it. If we are out for the day its either a small shoulder bag or a trusty rucksack. This dress would look totally different with a clutch bag and leather jacket instead.

Lizzie Florence Accessorises


I love this hat so much and it is honestly something that I always get a lot of compliments about when wearing it. I have another in black which again I love, These are both from H&M and I’m waiting to find a khaki one in their store (obviously not at the minute) I love that H&M do S, M, and L sizing cause not gonna lie I’ve got a big head so standard sizes just don’t fit at all.



Jewellery, belts, scarves to name but a few. There is so many ways you can dress an outfit up or down and whenever I feel like I’ve worn something to death I always try and mix it up with some different accessories!

So that’s it from me! What do you like to accessories with? Let me know!

Lizzie Florence x.o

One thought

  1. I’m a sucker when it comes to purse (currently saving so I can invest a good one) and also I love using Depop I can spend hours navigating thru that app!



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