Taking the Positives

Hello Lovelies, I hope you are well.

This week has been a mega busy week for me work wise. I had a full week in work with the key worker children, keeping on track of online learning for my class as well as finishing off the data (levels) for them too. I am still going to be in one morning a week from next week until my next full week comes around. So anyway this is why there was no post on Wednesday as I had a million other things to do before that.

I have been trying to think positively about how I can use this time to better my practise, develop my classroom and plan ahead for my class. At the minute I am feeling really inspired and am struggling to tear myself away from the laptop. (I know this doesn’t help either) Because of this Michael and I have been taking daily hour long walks out and I have been doing thirty minutes of Yoga every morning too. This has really helped me clear my head which makes focusing on work a lot easier.

Anyway I sat for a while thinking about what I wanted to write in todays post; what the main topic of discussion would be and I literally couldn’t think of anything. I don’t want to write a post with a weak idea just because I feel like it has to have a meaning. So todays is literally a catch up. Letting you know how I am getting on with life and teaching in Lockdown.

If there is anything you want me to talk about on here then feel free to drop me a message, whether its teaching, fashion or my life and I would be happy to. In the mean time here is a outfit that I have fallen in love with and can’t wait to put on with a pair of heels when all this is over!


Lizzie Florence Plus Size Yellow Top

Lizzie Florence Plus Size Yellow Top

Lizzie Florence Plus Size Yellow Top

Lizzie Florence Plus Size Yellow Top



Yellow Peplum Blouse – New Look – £17.99 (buy here)

Skinny Jeans – Primark – £13.00

Denim Jacket – Primark – £17.00 (similar here)



Lizie Florence Signiture

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