Looking ahead,

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all well and staying safe out there! It has been another crazy busy week for me again. (no surprise lately) but although it has been intense I have found myself thinking about life after Covid. And I know that sound like some ending to a film monologue but damn it feels like a movie doesn’t it?

Today I thought I would share some of the things that I am looking forward to once this is all over. Now I know this isn’t a situation were we are all going to wake up one morning and it will all be back to the way it was. I am under no illusion that we’ve got a long road ahead. But whether its in a few months or a few years time this is what I am looking forward too.

Lizzie Florence Plus Size Looking Forward


Michael and I love to spend our Saturdays trying out different Restaurants and its something that we are both really missing. There is nothing like getting dressed up and going for food and drinks with my Fiancé. I already have a list of places that will be the first few that we hope to visit. Some being our favourites and some being new.


It is no secret on here or my other social media that I have been missing my class. It crazy really because you don’t realise how much of your week you actually spend with them. I am hoping that we are back in some way before Summer (if totally safe) just so that I can spend some more time with them before they move into Year One. *disclaimer, I get asked a lot, I have no idea when we will open, teachers do not have any inside knowledge, we will find out the same time as you. 


I went on about this a lot when we managed to get tickets but it has been postponed till the Summer of 2021 so look like we are going to have to wait that little big longer. On a positive note I am glad they haven’t cancelled it all together. Greenday and Fallout Boy are two bands that are on our bucket list so fingers crossed for next year.


It has been a long time since Michael and I have been on a proper holiday, We always seem to have to spend our savings elsewhere when Summer comes around. It doesn’t help that we can only go away when I’m off school which throws the prices way up. Luckily Michael and are saving quite a bit recently so hopefully we can book a nice getaway for when things become more normal.


We have been face timing regularly but damn I am missing spending time with them in person. I am really looking forward to being able to have my family round and I am hoping to plan a family barbeque day when the lockdown is lifted.


Its safe to say my friends an I are waiting for a girly night  out. Dancing and cocktails are definitely on the cards and I have made a playlist on Spotify of all our going out favourites ready for our pre drinks.

Lizzie Florence Plus Size Looking Forward



Top – Boohoo – was £15.00 now £10.60 (buy here)

Cullotes – Asos – was £22.00 now £15.00(buy here)

Sandals – Asda – was £13.00 now £8.00 


What are you looking forward to?



Lizzie Florence x.o

2 Thoughts

  1. Looking forward to doing all of these things that you mentioned! Also:

    – being able to take my daughter to the playground and fun places
    – being able to just chill out at my parents house
    – not being horrified of going to the store lol
    – quicker shipping on my packages lol
    – having places or things to get dressed up and made up for


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