Well it’s been an interesting few months!

Hello everyone I hope you are well! I know it’s been a crazy long time hasn’t it? My last post was in May and since then I have been wrapped up and immersed in my classroom and teaching. I have missed my blog but at the same time I have always said if I can’t think of anything to say it’s not worth forcing it.

And let’s face it, lock down has had us all in a bit of a emotional rollercoaster so I don’t know about you but managing to keep everything else going is an achievement right? So I thought I’d fill you in on some things that have happened over the last few months!

We Adopted Two Kittens!

If you follow my Instagram you will have seen we took in Leia back in May, she was 8 weeks old and her own special little extra toes! It has been so lovely to see her grow into the little crazy cat she is now! So then two weeks ago we were contacted asking if we would take her sister in. After having a chat we decided it would be good for both of them and now we have two crazy cats! They are both so different and yet so similar at the same time it’s weird! We are currently in the process of slowly reintroducing them so that we can give them the best chance to get along!

We named her sister Maz like the character from Star Wars to go with her sisters name. We tried a few out and Maz she reacted loads to so it stuck!

Two cats: Maz & Leia

Schools Reopened

It’s safe to say working from home did not suit me. In fact I really struggled. Even though I was in school throughout lockdown and spent the majority there; the days when I was working from home I found hard. It has taken a lot of time and effort for schools to open safely for kids so if you know someone who works in schools give them some words of encouragement (they might need it)

I have but a lot of work into setting up my classroom this year, I had to strip it bare after lockdown and before reopening so it really was a blank canvas. I starting a Early Years instagram and have been feeling really inspired!

My Early Years Instagram

We finished the decking!

And by we I mostly mean my amazing dad he managed to give us the most amazing space for relaxing in the garden and it was all built with recycled wood (including the fence) we have really enjoyed having the space whilst stuck at home and I can wait to add to it next year!

Had a digital clear out

And by that I mean my instagram. Right before I last blogged I had hit 4K followers and it felt great! I finally felt like I was getting somewhere but when I looked at my followers there were so many creepy guys that had slipped through the net. You know the type like a few of your photos alway sending weird messages! I usually spot them but had clearly missed a few as well as some people that were just not genuine.

So long story short I had a digital clear out which then got me down to nearer the 3k mark. Am I bothered? Not really no, what’s the point in having randomers follow you that don’t care about what you have to say? So anyway if your still here thank you!

I’m sure there’s probably lots more to catch you up on but honestly I can’t think right now. So I will leave it there! Let me know if anything amazing has happened to you recently! (If I don’t already know)

And I will speak soon!

Lizzie Florence

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