What I got for Christmas 2020

Hello lovelies and Merry Christmas!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas however it looked. We spent the day with my family and then came home to snuggles with Leia and Maz. I have been very blessed this year and feel very lucky that I got to spend time with my loved ones.

Its crazy to think this is my fourth year of writing this annual ‘What I got for Christmas’ but it always seem to be quite a hit so figured why not share with all you lovely readers some of the things that I got for Christmas. Disclaimer here that I am in no way showing off what I got I absolutely feel extremely lucky and blessed to have such lovely family and friends.


I love getting little comfort items like socks, hot chocolates and cute books. I also love these pack up boxes and cant wait the use them at school! How fab is the moon light that Michael bought me too? I am going to replace my bedside lamp with it.


It was really bizarre because Michael and I haven’t gotten each other Lego for such a long time and yet this year hear wowed me with this amazing Friends Lego set and I got him a Millennium Falcon set. I cant wait to have a chilled evening making this!

Friends Lego Set


One thing I always love to get as a gift is Stationary, In January all being well I will gain an office space within my Foundation Stage so it was nice to get some bits I can use for that (not the Cat Butt colouring book!) You can also tell that we got the cats this year as a large amount of my presents and cat related which obviously I am loving!


Michael got me these to gorgeous little charms for my bracelet to represent our little kittens. It was such a lovely thoughtful gesture and they are a great addition to my bracelet that I wear almost everyday. The earrings are from one of my Besties Beccar and she clearly know my style!

Dr Marten Sandals

My Mum and Dad asked me what I would like for Christmas and when they asked it was Black Friday Weekend so I sent them the link for the Sandals that I have been desperate for. Granted it isn’t exactly the right season but that’s not really the point. I cannot thank them enough for getting me them!

Dr Martens

So that is what I got for Christmas and again I am feeling very blessed and full of love.

I would love to know what you got for Christmas so let me know!

Lizzie Florence x.

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