|AD| Needing A Restart.

This Lockdown getting a bit much isn’t it? I am certainly finding this one more difficult this time round, and with teaching full time in school, organising home learning and setting up our brand new F1 (Nursery) at school I am definitely running on empty. This week was a toughy and I left feeling tired, drained and very much not myself.

So that being said I needed to give my mind and body a total restart. That started this Sunday morning with some amazing products from ‘Light and Scent’. They are a fabulous family run Hull business that have their own store down the amazing Humber Street. They also have an easy to use online store that delivers across the U.K so don’t let Lockdown stop you! With my busy school schedule at the moment I ordered for delivery and it came in good time and was very well packaged in a gorgeous pink box!

One of the main fabulous things about Light & Scent is that all their products are ethical buying and not tested on animals which is of real importance to me!

www.Light & Scent.co.uk


When looking at their large selection of bath bombs I went with ‘Written in the Stars’ and ‘Sparkle and Shine’. They look and smell amazing and left my skin feeling super soft and rejuvenated. These were both only £3.00!

I also chose a wax melt because I love having lots of candles and smellies when I am in the bath. This one scented Apple and Elderflower gave me refreshing Spring vibes which when looking for a Restart in January that is exactly what I needed. These was melts were only £1.45 each and they do lots of different scents.

I know that I now have a new place to get my soaps, bath bombs and melts as well as all the other amazing things that they have to offer. They are very reasonably priced and it is easy to treat yourself or a loved one without breaking the bank. They also do some really cool gift boxes for all different occasions as well as great ones for kids.

Have a restful restart to your week next week and let me know what you would choose from their amazing online store!

Lizzie Florence x.o

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