January Favourites

Well this month has been a bit mental hasn’t it?

I don’t know about you guys but this January has been crazy tough for me. Teaching half my class at school whilst delivering online learning for those at home whilst having my Foundation Stage One building work happening all at the same time! I have felt stretched in all directions and I am ending this crazy month Isolating as my school bubble burst!

I started this post not really knowing what I wanted to fill it with but I thought I needed to do something to look at the positives of the month because I would hate to feel like its another month wasted. It is certainly easy to feel that way when its dark, cold and we all are basically hibernating.

What I’ve Been Wearing

Short answer is Jumpers… I live in Jumpers now, this is my life and I am not ashamed to say it! In all fairness my jumper collection is getting rather large now, but in this cold weather what is more comforting than a jumper. (when you have to leave the house for work) I love that I can wear them over dresses, tucked into skirts or jeans even over jumpsuits. As much I am looking forward to Spring, they are certainly getting me through these cold Winter months.

What I’ve Been Watching

I would have normally written about some fabulous new film that has come out but since we can’t exactly do that at the minute; Michael and I have been curling up on the sofa with the cats watching The Office re-runs. (US Version) It is probably one of my favourite TV shows of all time tbh; that and Parks and Recreations. Its just something funny and heartwarming to relax in front of after a busy day. The episodes aren’t to long either so it doesn’t feel like you have to invest a whole night in it. We do like the UK Version too but the American is definitely more my cup of tea. (if I drank tea)

It is currently available to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime so take your pick!

What I’ve Been Reading

So I have given myself a blog overhaul this last month. I am still not 100% happy but I definitely love the direction it is heading in. One thing I have been doing is going back and reading through my old posts to check they are still working and just check how they sit on my new blog layout. It’s actually been quite nice to look back and reminisce at all the amazing things I have been lucky enough to do over this past month.

What I’ve Been Eating

My love of bagels has returned! They are one of those foods that I will go months without eating then as soon as I eat one I am hooked again. I don’t need anything fancy in them, I’m pretty basic in all fairness. Cheese, ham even plain with just a bit of butter is fine too! The cinnamon and raisin ones are legit my all time favourite!

What I’ve Been Buying

You all know I love a preowned bargain guys!

These amazing Dr Martins are my favourite purchase this month. I bought them from Depop for only £30 and they had never been worn! It is well worth keeping an eye out if you are wanting something in particular keep checking every day or so because sought after items sell super quick! I can’t wait to style these with some different outfits.

And that’s this month!

I would have put a Where have I been but lets face it the only places I’ve been is work and home so there’s not much point in that is there!

Lizzie Florence x.o

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