Me time?

Well its been one hell of week, I started the week off still isolating and working from home. I had to call the vets for Leia because her stiches aren’t heeling very well. (Michael had to rush after work to get her prescription) Then finally back to work on Thursday which meant back to splitting myself in half with half my class in and half of them at home! Safe to say I am definitely ready for my whole class to come back! (WHEN ITS SAFE OF COURSE)

One thing that this whole pandemic has taught me is that making time for yourself is definitely important. I feel like a lot of us are probably feeling like that so today I thought I would share some of the things that I have doing to give my mind and soul a much needed rest!


I know I know it’s an obvious go to, but I am not someone who is naturally drawn to reading. I wish I was someone who can read a so many books a year and in all honesty I am lucky if I manage a book every couple of months. Most of the time it is because I am too damn tired and I’m nervous to fall asleep with my glasses on incase I break them. So I have been going to bed half an hour earlier to give myself that time.

Relaxing Bath

We all love a good bath don’t we? After this manic week I came home and got straight in a hot bubble babble with a glass of wine and a hair mask on. It felt so great to have a long soak and switch my brain off. I then put some fresh pajama’s on and really felt ready to start my weekend.

Tarot Reading

This is something that I have started taking an interest in this year. I’m not a religious person particularly but I would consider myself as spiritual. It was always something that I have been intrigued by so I thought that this was the year I would give it a go. I am very much a novice and still learning but it something that I am looking forward to understanding.

Going for a Walk

This is certainly something I need to do more of but as the nights are getting lighter I am looking forward to being able to go for walks after work. I think its something that we have all valued during this Pandemic and I can’t wait till I can got for walks further afield.

Painting my Nails!

I have never been one for Acrylics as I can cope once they start growing out. But I do like a fresh coat of nail varnish. They then tend to chip when I’m at work quite a bit so it definitely makes me feel better when I sort them out.

Spending time in the Kitchen

Whether its cooking or baking, making something nice for yourself it such a lovely way to spend your time. This is something that again I am hoping to do more of in the coming months. I find it even more enjoyable if I have a happy playlist whilst doing it!

I would love to hear what you guys do when you want some you time!

Lizzie Florence .x.o

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