What I got for Christmas 2021

Hello Lovelies and Merry Christmas!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas however you may have spent it. I know that Covid has had a lot to do with many peoples Christmases so I hope you managed to make the most of it. We spent the day with family and then once again cam home to snuggles with the cats.

For the last four years now I have always written a post about what I got for Christmas so since I had started writing again this week I thought I might as well carry on the tradition. Obviously their was something missing from our Christmas this year that we thought we’d have still but we made the most of the day and I am feeling very grateful for the lovely gifts that family and friends had given me.

 Disclaimer here that I am in no way showing off what I got I absolutely feel extremely lucky and blessed to have such lovely family and friends


It’s safe to say anyone who know me knows that I love board games. This year I got three and two of which were both cat related! Herd Mentality is a great game which is easy to play and fun for a party. It also includes a little squishy pink cow as part of the game and who wouldn’t want that!

Beauty and Bath

I am feeling very lucky as this year I got lots of bath bombs, salts and soaks. I think I’ve got enough to last me till next Christmas! I love having nice long soaks on Sunday evenings then getting into fresh bedding. It really relaxes me before work on the Monday so hopefully ill be well rested in the new year!


I’ve finally got my own little Grogu! It’s safe to say I am a huge Star Wars fan and I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Mandolorian’ So when my sister got me my own little Grogu I was so happy! He will take pride of place with my Ewok and Porg.

Cat Calendar

I have been complaining to Michael that we needed a calendar because we keep forgetting important dates (we’re both terrible with birthdays etc) So I was chuffed when Michael bought this Simon’s Cat calendar. I love the Simons Cat products they are so funny and relatable so this will be a fab addition to our Kitchen.

It’s Always Sunny Colouring Book

It’s so funny because I knew I wanted to get Michael something related to ‘It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia’ as it’s one of our favourite shows. I got him a drinking game which you play whilst watching episodes and he got me this amazing colouring book. He always gets me a colouring book so this one is a great addition.

The Cutest Socks

I mean … right? Are these not the cutest socks you ever did see? I don’t often get socks for Christmas but my lovely TA Lucy got me this super cute love hearts ones and I can’t wait to show them off!

My Theroux Obsession Continues

I love pretty much anything Louis Theroux creates be it documentaries, podcasts or books. So when out with my mum I asked her if she wouldn’t mind getting me his books for Christmas. She was obviously happy to oblige as apparently I am a nightmare to buy for.

DND Time

Mike clearly put a lot of thought into my gifts as he got me a beautiful hand made dice tray for when we play DND, It’s the colours of my current Character and has a gorgeous cat print on the inside. He also got me some new dice and not featured in this photo a tray for us to make ice dice!

So this is some of the things the I got for Christmas. I hope you enjoyed this as much as the last ones and let me know what you got for Christmas!

Lizzie Florence

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