New year and a Clear Start

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all well. So we are officially in 2022! Its still feels weird saying that and it seems mad that we are still in the midst of all this Covid crap too. I really thought we would have turned a corner by now, and it felt like we had to be honest.

I’m going to try and not let it get in the way of me living my life and doing more in this new year. (as much as restrictions let me obviously) We’ve got a few gigs to look forward to and I would like to have some trips away so I really hopefully things don’t get worse.

A Fresh Clear Out

Is it just me that does this; but at the start of a new year I always like to give my house a really good clean and sort. I think it’s that new beginning, fresh start vibe but it really does help me feel like I’m starting the year on a positive. This year it would seem I am carrying it on into my classroom as I have bought loads of nice cleaning supplies and smellies for there too!

Wardrobe Sorting is a Must

One job I would normally of this time of year but I haven’t had chance to yet is giving my wardrobe another good clear out. I like to do this often anyway but usually in January its a bigger one. I will probably put some more bits on my Depop so you will have to keep an eye out!

Finishing the Living Room

We really worked hard on sorting the house this year. Finally we got the hideous cream carpets out of the living room and hallway which in all honesty was a nightmare. But luckily in less than two months our new sofa will be delivered and we can finally say that the Living room is complete.

Tidying up the Car

One thing I am terrible at keeping tidy is my Car. I’m a nightmare for it to be fair. So I will be making sure that my car is nice and clean and organised for going back to work. My radio doesn’t work in my car either so I’ve bought a wireless blutooth speaker so that my car journeys are more enjoyable!

Organising the Hell Outta my Work Life

Work is going to look quite different for the start of the new year. It marks officially one year since our opening of the Nursery and we have got 7 new starters and are fortunate enough to have our amazing team getting a plus one! Whilst off I have been working really hard to ensure we are super organised and ready to start this year off with a head start. This time last year we found out we’d be locking down with no notice so anything is better that that!

I am not setting New Years Resolutions as I just feel like they put too much pressure on myself and if you don’t manage them it just cause unnecessary stress. But if you are someone who does this then I 100% hope you get everything you could want and hope for out of 2022!

Let me know what your hopes are for the year ahead.

Lizzie Florence

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