Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Hello All, hope everything is well and you are enjoying this glorious Sunday. Today I thought I would bring you something a little different with a look at how Michael and I have spruced up our kitchen without spending a lot of money. If you are a regular you will already know that I enjoy a good bargain and don’t like spending a fortune. so if you are similar then you may enjoy this post!

So I have  taken some pictures of odd and ends that we bought and I will talk you through some decorating choices also.


Cactus Window


So the first thing we decided to do was repaint the walls, they were already white to begin with however it wasn’t a very good paint job from previous owners and there was a few stains here and there. So in one afternoon we bought a tub on white emulsion put on some tunes (blink 182 & biffy clyro anyone?) and in two coats it was looking better already!


Buying Plants

We then decided we wanted to buy some plants to add a more natural look to our kitchen. We bought two large cacti and the droopy plant from Ikea (don’t know its proper name) as well as the metal tins to keep them in. The two smaller plants are from a little house near were we live. Every summer they put little plants out for people to take home and look after. Insanely cute I know so we’ve adopted these little two.



Then we went on the hunt for accessorise to match our growing plant collection. Our lovely cactus clock we bought from Asda. It was then a case of buying new tea towels to match (our old ones were all red). The cactus print ones were from Ikea and the Tropical print were from TK Maxx. I never thought of looking for tea towels at TK Maxx but they actually had a great range that weren’t too expensive.

In our house we keep our keys in the kitchen and the bowl we previously had was damaged so we needed something else. After looking as plates and bowls nothing was big enough, then when shopping in the York outlet I came across this gift box with a fantastic cactus print. It was perfect/scratch proof and so cheap.

Decorating with Prints

Adding Prints to any room is a great way to spruce up your house without spending a fortune. The first one we found was the Ikea print which came as part of a four pack. The other I bought off the phone app Wish. I’ve bought a few different items from wish but never a print. I was really pleased with the quality of this one and then all I had to do was buy the frames.









Plants – Ikea – Varied – (view range here)

Cactus Clock – Asda – £7.00

Cactus Print Tea Towels – Aldi – £4.00 – (similar here)

Tropical Print Tea Towels – TK Maxx – £4.99 – (similar here)

Print Gift Box – Paper Chase – £.3.50 – (other gift boxes)

Cactus Plant Pot Print – Wish App – £4.00 – (buy here)

Cactus Print – Ikea – £6.00 – (buy here)


So we’ve managed to give our kitchen a new lease for life without spending over £50.00. My top tips would be to come up with a style or theme that you are looking for so you know type of accessorises your looking for. Pick four or five items that your are going to buy and then always check sales first.

I hope you have found this interesting, do you have any top tips for decorating? let me know!



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