The Awkwardness of Solo Photography

Hey Lovelies, Hope you are all well today!

Today I am bringing you  an outfit post that I have fallen in love with. (massively) The taking of these photos today was quite an achievement. Knowing that I had want to get these photos taken, and not having my wonderful partner Michael around to take them for me I decided to go on the hunt with my tripod for a good spot.

After driving around numerous roads that were far to busy for my lack of confidence I remember a cute little cycle track near where Michael parents live. Does anyone else get that with taking photos in public? I’m not to bad when Michaels with me but I always get embarrassed whipping out my Tripod for all the world to see. (that sounds like a euphemism) 

Anyway after the fun of stares, cyclist getting in the way and a dog taking interest in my tripod. I finally got some desired shots that I was looking for.

Charity Shop Find ©LizzieFlorence

Charity Shop Find ©LizzieFlorence

Charity Shop Find ©LizzieFlorence

Charity Shop Find ©LizzieFlorence

Charity Shop Find ©LizzieFlorence

The skirt itself is from a little Dove house charity shop and only cost me £3.00. I love the length and think it goes perfect with heels or in this case heeled boots. Charity shops are the perfect place to find midi skirts and this is one of many that I have found.

The boots are also a new purchase. Last years boots are in a sorry state and Michael decided to treat me to these beauties on Sunday. They are the perfect boot for that Summer Autumn transition and I love the fact they have a bit of a heel!



Navy Polka Dot Skirt – Dove House Charity Shop – £3.00

Mustard Crop Top – Primark – £4.00 (current stock)

Black Heart Belt – Primark – £3.00 (current stock)

Denim Jacket – Primark – £20.00 (old stock)

Tan Heeled Boots – Peacocks – £26.00 (buy here)


Do you have any charity shop finds that you are super proud of? Let me know!


19 Thoughts

  1. You inspired me to go out to the park to take pictures!! I usually just take them in my patio 😅 Perhaps tomorrow I’ll give it a try!


  2. This outfit is so cute I love it! I’m not very confident at having my picture taken in public either but you got some great shots!

    Jess //


  3. These photos are a great.. I’m not sure how comfortable I’d feel taking my own photos like this either but well down for braving it!

    Love the outfit too, the belts cute!



  4. I still haven’t got over the hurdle of taking my own photos in public/ or letting someone else do it so obviously! You was so brave and it was certainly worth it. You look amazing!


  5. I love the skirt! I got a bargain dress from Dove House Hospice recently that I love. These are such good shots, whenever I’ve taken photos on my tripod I always pretend I’m taking photos of the scenery whenever anyone walks past haha!
    Amy xx


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