Work Week Lookbook

Hello Lovely people I hope you are well!

I’ve been back at work for a week now and thought I would show you what type of things I usually wear for work. I decided to take a picture for each day of the week and I’ll have a little chat about each one and why I chose it!


Beginning of the week and Staff meeting this afternoon. Feeling motivated for the week ahead and want to look smart and ready. This black skirt from New Look is the perfect choice. The chunky cardigan from George Asda is a great way to keep warm when its still a bit to hot for coats.


It was my day to go in our outdoor area so trousers are a must today. These ones from Asda are the perfect choice. Lots of building with crates and crawling etc. The last thing you want to be worried about is accidentally flashing.


PPA day today which is when I get half my day out to plan for the week ahead. On a day like that comfort is key. So this jumper I bought from Dorothy Perkins is perfect for that. I bought this one in their sale but I have seen lots of fab jumper on the high street this season.


Almost the end of the week and a twilight session at work (7am-6pm today). Comfy is a must, these green trousers from New Look are a perfect mix of smart and comfortable. I love this shade of green and they are honestly so comfortable it feels like I’m wearing pyjamas for work!


Friday! Then end of the week and usually what’s left of my work wardrobe. Today I paired my simple black midi with a polka dot top. I love that this skirt is easy to mix and match for work and it doesn’t need ironing! (Bonus)


So that’s a usual week of what I would typically wear for work. I try to have a mix of different tops and bottoms so that I don’t have to think to much when getting ready in the morning. Another key point is that I try too buy things that don’t need ironing. The last thing I want to be doing on a Sunday is ironing!


Black Button Down Midi Skirt – New Look – £17.99 (buy here)

Green Stripe Drawstring Culottes – New Look – £22.99 (buy here)

Leopard Print Shoes – New Look – Old Stock – (similar here)

Chunky Black Cardigan – Asda – £12.50  (buy here)

Black Tie Front Culottes – Asda – £14.00 (buy here)

Pink Jumper – Dorothy Perkins – was £26.00 now £7.00 – (similar here)

Black and White Long Sleeved Striped Top – Primark – £4.00

Black and Tan Long Sleeved Striped Top – Primark – £4.00

Red Peep Toe Heels – Primark – £12.00 (similar here)


Hope you’ve enjoyed this little glance into my working week. What do you wear for work?


4 Thoughts

  1. Love all of your outfits. I am stuck in a workwear rut at the moment I find myself wearing pretty much the same thing everyday. Black trousers and a black shirt or top. It’s just quick and easy to grab when I am rushing about in a morning. What I need to do is start planning outfits the night before I think x


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